Bald Jokes and Quotes


Some people assume I'm bald but it's just I prefer a very large centre parting.

The most expensive hair cut he's ever had was £10. £9 was for the search fee.

It's a mistake to go to Buddhist monastery to borrow a comb.

Chinese Proverb

Hey believe me, baldness will catch on. When the aliens come, who do you think they're gonna relate to?

Growing hair is a waste of good hormones.

Apparently there are no naturally bald people. Only ginger-haired ones with initiative.

A bald man walks into a comedy club but enters the room late. The comedian turns to the crowd and says,”Look, that guy spent all night doing his hair but forgot to bring it with him.”

It's not a bald patch but a heat sink for a supercomputer!

I've had my hair cut - just the one.

Happy birthday Burt Reynolds. There were so many candles on Burt's cake, he had to wear a flame retardant toupee.

When asked how long it took her to do her hair. Dolly Parton: “I don't know. I'm never there.”

He went body boarding and lost his wig. The other surfers thought it was a very large rat in the water.

Our privacy is slowly receding, like an old man’s head going bald.

Today I was taking the rip out of a bloke with a ridiculous wig on. He had the last laugh though. Sentenced me to three years.

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